Meeting & Events

With restaurant-quality food at every meal, custom barista stations for breaks and support that keeps everything running smoothly. Almond Tree makes it easier - and more fun - to get down to business.

Lifestyle Events

We want you to enrich your Life with every visit to Almond Tree. In Selected Outlets for only a limited number of guests we offer truly exceptional and memorable life style events. Learn a new skill or live out your dreams we can customize our programs to fit your needs and schedule.


Hosting a special birthday or anniversary? We’ll work with you to create a personalized menu in the ideal venue, infused with just the right mix of glamour and whimsy.

Pop Up Events

Very often, we bring our experience closer to you. On weekends or special holidays watch out for an Almond Tree Pop Up Store in your nearest City. 

Junior Chef

Junior Chef is perfect for teaching children that cooking is an enduring life skill that can be artistic, creative and sometimes quite surprising. Our Junior Chefs will have hands. 

Ladies Gathering

Wether it is a relaxing cup of tea with cake after a busy shoping or a Social Gathering with friends and family, Almond Tree offers excellent packages just for the ladies. With handcrafted French Pastries and a range of Artisan Teas and Gourmet Coffees we can make sure all your friends will want to return.